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Anne Frank


I recently finished reading a book about Anne Frank, written by Mirjan Pressler...I read Anne's Diary a few years ago, and somehow now I can appreciate her story better (now that I'm older), it's so tragic :(


I want to read more WWII books, to get more perspective on how jews had to live during that time.


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:) there is enjoyment in knowing some things

I believe I am in a reading "slump"

Don't know how else to call it. I think it's mostly because the books I'm currently reading aren't really involving for me.

I did finish reading Jane Eyre recently, it was really great :), want to write a review for it.

Ok back to the point, I don't even remember right now how many books I'm reading. I seriously think that when I finish these current reads, then and only then will I be out of this reading "slump"... Or maybe I'm not in a reading slump, because I do want to read books, it's just that the books that I'm currently reading aren't exactly the ones I really really want to read. I feel like I can't just not finish reading those books...Maybe I should, but I'm halfway through them, I'll keep going I suppose. 


Moving Your Books from GoodReads to BookLikes

Reblogging, this may help some people who are importing their lists from GR.


So you want to start using BookLikes, but the prospect of manually adding your ENTIRE library of books/reviews is daunting, to say the least. Do not fear. There's an easy way to your entire book list and reviews from GoodReads and import it into BookLikes. Here is how.

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